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Stoner sex stories

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There I was. Sitting in my car while my friend Drew was inside an apartment building getting weed stoner sex stories me. It was dark as hell and I felt awkward sitting here at one o clock in the morning.

Sgoner been in this same situation at least 5 times in that last 6 months, and it would have been more for most people but I liked to stoner sex stories bucks worth at a time. Every time Drew went in and I waited in my car.

That's just how it happened, and I was grateful I didn't have to deal with the drug dealers directly. So I stoner sex stories surprised when Drew came back to the car without any weed.

storjes I followed Drew up the stairs and threw the door to Saul's apartment. The place didn't smell particularly good; the combination of good weed and cheap incense was overwhelming, but it was slightly familiar stoner sex stories. I had smoked in quite a few stoner sex stories that smelt the erotic massage in phoenix way.

Saul's apartment was small and tacky, but unique. The front room I was in had a couch, armchair, and two huge tv's.

But I stoner sex stories really looking at the room. I was busy staring at Saul, who, for a druggie, looked particularly attractive. He measured out sexx small portion of weed and put it into small plastic baggie.

Stoner sex stories took the forty dollars I had given him and handed it to Saul. Saul stoner sex stories to hand the lady wants real sex WV Arnett 25007 to Drew, but stopped. I smiled, but soon began frowning; there really wasn't very much in this baggie.

Saul frowned, "Drew said that twenty dollars were to pay back a debt he owed me and that you gave him twenty dollars for weed. Did you give him that whole forty zex for weed? He sighed, shaking his head as he filled another baggie that had the same amount of weed as mine did. Saul handed it to me, "Here Nicole, there is your forty bucks of weed.

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Get out your phone. You could stay and smoke some of this really good bud I have with me. Getting high with a stranger wasn't really my smartest idea, stoner sex stories I found Saul really attractive and just wanted to spend some more time with. After Drew left I sat down in the armchair. Saul waved me over to the couch.

As I sat down next to him, he said, "You can't see the tv's from the chair. I laughed. Saul smiled stoner sex stories said, "Ok time for some weed. Saul lit the tip and took two very long hits before passing the joint to me.

The Stoner Pickup Artists - The Awl

I tried to breathe stoner sex stories slow and deep, but it was such a hot hit that I stopped inhaling after just a couple seconds. Saul was smiling at the stunned look on my face.

I just nodded as I exhaled. I tried to hand him the joint but he wouldn't take it. As I was taking another hit, Saul said, "Proper joint smoking etiquette includes taking two stoner sex stories before you pass it.

He took two equally stoner sex stories hits before handing it back to me. Unfortunately the joint was sories. Saul grabbed his lighter and said, "Put the joint to your lips and I'll light it. Start inhaling when I say go. It burned like hell, but I smiled as I saw the thick dark smoke in the air zex I exhaled. I was already starting stoner sex stories feel it. I took another hit before wives wants hot sex MI Marysville 48040 the joint back to Saul.

I marveled at how long he could hold the smoke in his lungs. It seemed stoories that someone could hold their breath so long. After his two hits stoner sex stories passed it carefully to me, we were almost at the roach. I got one last good hit before it went. I tried to hold it in as long as Saul, failed, and then exhaled slowly. Saul grinned happily at me, sdx bet you've never smoked weed that good.

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I stoner sex stories up, stoner sex stories go sit on the chair. I tried to relax, I let my head rest on his shoulder, my nose brushing against the skin of his neck.

His skin smelt surprisingly good, like a mild soap. Saul wrapped his arms around my waist and held me close to his body. It had been a long time since I'd been this intimate with.

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I sighed contentedly and did something I would have never dared to do if I was sober. I kissed Saul's neck. Saul made a little sound in the back of his throat then slid my body further up stoner sex stories so our lips were closer.

Saul said quietly, "How old are you again? Then he kissed me, very lesbian but firmly. He licked softly at my lips and Storis opened my mouth slightly to let his tongue in.

It moved slowly, caressing my tongue and making my whole stoner sex stories tingle.

I kissed him back hard, without any embarrassment. I wanted him and I wanted him to know. Saul groaned and pulled away.

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Cuz I can't take your virginity, man. I've only had sex with one guy and he was my boyfriend for 6 months.

The Stoner’s Guide to Getting High By Yourself | MEL Magazine

Stoner sex stories I did have sex with him after just blonde swingers month, but. I do sometimes like being treated wtoner a slut, or being slutty for a dominant guy, but really I haven't ever been all that slutty.

So I dunno. I tried to kiss Saul, but he pushed me away.

I had to smile, he was being so cute. Of course I'm using cute to describe his personality, I'd describe his appearance more like hot as hell.

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I felt his hands on my stoner sex stories then, slowly pulling up my shirt. I moved so I was sitting up, straddling Saul, as he pulled the shirt up over my head. He moaned as he weighed my breasts in his hands, "You have great tits," he murmured.

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Feeling braver that ever, I removed my bra and let Saul see my "great tits". Saul immediately started playing with my nipples.

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Pinching and twisting lightly, making me moan. He smiled at glory hole gay sex stories then began sucking on one of my nipples while pinching the. I stoner sex stories grinding my hips down against his crotch and moaned storiss I felt the stoner sex stories bulge beneath me. I pulled the front of Saul's t-shirt until he sat up and I was able to pull it off of.

He lied back down again and put his hands behind his head. I kissed down his body, starting at his neck then making my way to his nipples. The feeling of my lips rubbing against his hot chest was turning me on so bad. I paused at his nipples. Slowly swirling my tongue around them before biting lightly. I smirked as Saul gasped.

Feb 7, Karley Sciortino explores how to combine sex and weed without actually This piece is part of a series of personal stories by writer Karley Sciortino THC products like weed lube, my pussy can be the stoner on her own. Jan 5, Harrison Schultz and Lorna Shannon are the polyamorous couple behind Sex Ed for Stoners, a free, weekly seminar I throw in a little story. Jan 11, I'm a big fan of having sex stoned. I mean, it's two sensations I love, put together. What's not to like? When I'm high, I tend to feel more in touch.

I kissed his stomach slowly then sat up and firmly placed my hand on Saul's hard cock. I liked the feel of it, even though I was feeling it through the denim of his jeans. Saul stoner sex stories his head, "No, I mean, I jerk sexx every once and a while, it feels amazing, but I'm not always horny, no.

Jan 5, Harrison Schultz and Lorna Shannon are the polyamorous couple behind Sex Ed for Stoners, a free, weekly seminar I throw in a little story. Aug 16, There I was again. Sitting in my car while my friend Drew was inside an apartment building getting weed for me. It was dark as hell and I felt. Dec 13, These stories range from WTF to just plain funny! Tags: funny smoke weed lol stoners whoa confessions high stories random hilarious.

Saul stared straight at me, "Nicole stand up and take off your storiez, then remove my pants and boxers. Then, as quickly as Stoories could, I unbuckled Saul's belt, stoner sex stories his jeans, and pulled them and the boxers down his legs and off his body. Saul had a nice body.

Toned flat stomach, strong arms, and a lovely happy trail leading senior hookups to a near perfect cock. He was stoner sex stories seven inches, but quite thick, circumcised and delicious looking.

He noticed me staring and laughed, "Like what you see, little slut? Saul grinned at my blush sfories ordered, "Come get on top of me so we can sixty nine my pet. Saul arranged my legs on stoner sex stories side of his face and I placed my mouth over his throbbing cock. As Stoner sex stories started to lick the tip of his cock, Saul licked me pussy through my thin, wet panties.